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About Me

My name is John (Jay) Pruna. I am a Health and Mindset Coach who helps athletes, entreprenuers, and professionals level up physically, mentally, emotionally, and professionally. 


My ideal client is someone who is hungry, humble, and committed to the process. Everyone has a different idea of success, and my goal is to help you make that idea a reality. Through fitness and beyond.


I specialize in mindset, routine, fitness, and I dabble in boxing.  I love philosophy, boxing, business, leadership, and 90's hip hop. So don't be surprised if you see influences of Aurelius, Ali, Buffet, and Biggie in my coaching. Sprinkled with some Chappelle to keep things light, yet potent. 

Above all, my mission is to serve and add value to anyone who comes across my content, so they can break barriers and figure out this little game called life. 

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Trent Shelton

As a former pro athlete and motivational speaker, I have learned from some of the best coaches in the world. Jay is one of the best in the game. He has giving me a different edge mentally, physically, emotionally, and professionally. I am at the top of my game in all pockets when I have him by my side.


Paige Hathaway 

I have been blessed to meet so many amazing and talented people in my life. When I think of my top 5 influential people, John is a person I  always come back to. He is so different on every level. You can feel his passion when he coaches you. He knows so much in so many areas of life.  


Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson


The second I met Jay, I knew I wanted him as part of my team. He has so much wisdom in so many areas. Whether it is in fitness, leadership, boxing, and life, I wanted that knowledge in my corner. 

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