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What is a

Rare Breed?

A "Rare Breed" is often referred to as the top 1-5% of their industry or profession. The top tier of the pyramid.  The disruptors, innovators, creators, or leaders in their respected space. There are good players, great players, and then you have the Rare Breed. People who think different, move different, and respond differently under the most dyer circumstances. The select few who perform at a higher frequency in their personal and professional lives.

I was always fascinated with the topic of greatness. How do people get to the top of their profession regardless of their background, upbringing, or social status? Naturally, talent is a common denominator. But I believe that we are all born with a unique gift. Sadly, only a select group take the time to discover and nurture their genius. Wasted potential is a broken record that too many of us play on repeat.

That said, living like a "Rare Breed" is broken up into 3 simple frameworks to achieve greatness in your chosen field. The way of life, the process, and the identities. My style of coaching is focused on mastering these frameworks so you can create a system of excellence that applies to any endeavor you pursue. Be it physically, professionally, mentally, emotionally, etc. Remember, all success is transferrable and all failure is feedback.​ Meaning, once you succeed in one area those tools can be transferred to another area of your life, and your losses are just lessons that can be used to make you a better artist, athlete, entrepreneur, parent, professional, or leader. 

The Trinity of Becoming a Rare Breed

1.  The Way of Life: Living by a set of Rules and Routines of Excellence

Every person who reached a modicum of success got there because they created a set of self-imposed rules and routines to get there.

warren buffett.jpeg

Warren Buffett reads 5 hours per day, focuses on long term investments as well as the inner scoreboard (character and value) of life as opposed to the outer scoreboard (image and materialism).

Kobe Bryant started his day at 4:00am, made 500 shots pre-game, and trained in 2-3 hour pockets for 4 - 5x per day 6 - 7x per week. He had singular purpose to be the greatest version of himself, and to climb his idea of G.O.A.T mountain. 


We all have a set of rules, principles, and routines that have gotten us our current results in life. The problem is most of us are not completely conscious of what those rules and routines are. My content and coaching is focused on you creating those rules and routines to design the body, mind, and life you desire and deserve.

2.  The Process On How To Succeed (The meaning of R.A.R.E. Breed)
  • R - Research and Reframe (Self-Discovery): 

    • Learning and redefining your perspective and the meaning to your situation.

  • A - Act and Apply (Self-Discipline): 

    • Acting in the midst of fear, stress, and distraction.

  • R - Review and Rework (Self-Reflection):

    • Dissecting the results and adapting to overcome the situation at hand.

  • E - Execute and Evolve (Self Mastery):

    • Experiment with this process until you execute the mission. We all have ideas, but only a few of us execute. Execution leads to evolution. Holistic growth. 

As as this simple formula is it is rarely executed by the common man. People usually step 1, try step 2 for a week, and don't bother to don't even make it to step 3. Hence, so few of achieve transformative change and long lasting results.  Tattoo this 4 step process to your brain and apply often to reach higher levels of greatness.

3.  The 7 Identities of a Rare Breed

We all have 7 identities that we either suppress or unleash throughout our lives. We spend our days stepping in and out of these roles depending on what the situation demands. The 7 identities are as follows: 


The Leader: The parent, coach, or mentor. Someone who has influence, integrity, and impact. They can command a room or situation due to their speech or by their actions alone.

The CEO: The strategist and visionary. Someone who produces at a high level, connects dots, and problem solves. The see steps 9 and 10, when most are only looking at steps 4 and 5. 


The Athlete: The competitor. Someone who has the combination of speed, strength, and endurance. The person who moves with trains with purpose and moves with fluidity. 


The Artist: The creator. Someone who exercises their creativity in every pocket of life. They see deep meaning in their work, and people can see it through their passion. 

The Warrior: The fighter. Someone who can stay calm under duress and possesses mental and emotional discipline. The person who can stand his ground when most would fall apart.

The Philosopher: Seeker of wisdom. Someone who self-aware, self reliant, and recognizes what is essential in life. A true master of self. 

The Student/Servant: A life long and active learner. Someone who is constantly adding more skills and knowledge to their arsenal that will help them evolve personally, professionally, and in their relationship. Always looking to learn, serve, and add value. 


Whether you believe it or not, we have all tapped into these roles at some point of our lives. Each identity has a different set of mindset, habits, and routines to reach their highest form. My coaching is about helping others explore and evolve each identity. Holistic Performance at it's finest. True Self-Mastery. 

In the end, we all have a Rare breed inside of us. We have the ability to reach that higher realm. But most importantly, we must design the life we want. It is our moral obligation to self-validate our own greatness through the way we live. It has nothing to do with public approval. Your self-image, not your public image, is what really determines your success. Mastering these identities will help you tap into that level of success. 

There is no smaller or greater form of mastery than the mastery of oneself. The goal is to be a master of our mind and habits, not a slave to our temptations and addictions.  Live the life that so few of us do. A Rare Breed. 

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