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About Me

First and foremost, I could care less about most titles except for the ones that start with servant, husband, and father. Thankfully through God's grace, I have had the priviledge to play a couple extended roles that include coach, entrepreneur, writer, and speaker.


From 2016-2020 I was the CEO and cofounder of the multidisciplinary wellness center P5 Performance before selling it prior to the Pandemic.  P5 Performance was a functional medicine clinic that focused on holistic transformation and lifestyle medicine.  It comprised of an internal med physician, chiropractor, nurse, personal trainer, and nutritionist working together to meet our patient's needs. We specialized in physical rehab, fitness, muscle recovery, and habit change. Our vision was simple "Build the ultimate one stop shop for wellness."


I firmly believe that "everything connects for a purpose".  To perform optimally, you need to be strong in multiple pockets. Mental toughness, discipline, focus, and character are all transferable qualities that are mandatory for success in any industry. This is exactly why I have adopted a holistic style of coaching focused on performance psychology, strength training, metacognition, and neuroscience. Aiming for self-mastery in it's highest form.

In 2021, I cofounded a an online performance coaching company called the Rare Breed Academy with my partner Trent Shelton. Our mission is to help others master the trinity of mind, body, and soul by creating a lifestyle built around optimal health. Focused on breaking the mental and physical barriers both personally and professionally. Our curriculum ranged from habit building, productivity, mental toughness, emotional stability, fitness, and mindset. 

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My diverse experience in healthcare, business development and fitness spans well over a decade. As a coach, I have had the privilege to work with executives, pro athletes, influencers, and professionals of all backgrounds. On that same note, I am equally as blessed to have worked with business start ups, people battling addictions, and beginners who have had to lose 100 pounds or more.

As humans, we all share the common battles of fear, comparison, complacency, and ego. Regardless of title, background, or social status, we will all scrap through those internal wars.


My style of coaching combines everything from business strategy, leadership, philosophy, psychology, and strength coaching. Essentially. all things related to gaining a slight edge in the game of life. I am a certified boxing nerd who loves ancient philosophy as much as I love the golden era of hip hop, 90's rap. Half Plato, half Jay Z, but all Ali. 


My signature mantra is to “Live like a rare breed.  Make excellence your identity. Make greatness a habit. Make discipline your lifestyle.”


In all that I do, I aim to start and end with humility, servitude, and gratitude. Never speaking from a pedestal above you, but from a place along side you. Helping you become your own G.O.A.T. 

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